Three reasons why Joggers are better than Tracks

Tapered sweatpants or Joggers is the hottest trend in menswear these days. These are regular tracks, but they taper right above the ankle where it is held by an elastic band. It is believed that the primary use of these pants is not just for jogging like the tracks. The hidden agenda is to flaunt the exorbitant shoes that are worn while working out. Most people are still warming up to this growing trend, and many find solace in the conventional tracks. If you are one of those who is more inclined towards tracks, then you must read on to find out what has gotten the others so hooked onto this new garment. It might just change your outlook!

  1. Comfort with Style

While women have a variety of styles to pick from for every event, this is not the case for men. A suit for formal events and jeans or trousers paired with a polo shirt, a basic t-shirt or a casual shirt for informal wear, is all they have. The tracks were there no doubt, but they were fit as workout apparel only. Also, the tracks cover most of your feet. So, the expensive Adidas or Nike shoes you finally purchased, are not given enough justice, hidden under the wide leg of the tracks. Joggers, on the other hand, are cuffed at the ankle and not only allow full exposure of the shoes, but also add a style quotient to your outfit. Imagine the change a small elastic band can create!

There is no compromise with the comfort as well. Joggers have an elastic band with drawstrings for adjustment, they do not cling to the thigh, and soft fabric is used for maximum ease. Nothing says uninhibited like a pair of joggers paired with a t-shirt and sneakers!

  1. A better option for Winters

Say how? Recall feeling the winter chills against your face and your yearning for the snug blankets and a warm bed? Since tracks have an opening at the ankle; air easily passes through numbing your lower shin. When you go out for a walk on a cold winter day, tracks do not really keep you warm. Joggers, on the other hand, are sealed at the ankle and prevent the cold breeze from entering. They also trap the air inside and prevent body heat from escaping, thus keeping the wearer snug. The material used is almost the same in joggers as those used in tracks, but the slight change brings about all the difference!

  1. No hassle of torn hemlines

How many of us have had to discard tracks or trousers solely because the hemline wore off? The tracks are sometimes longer than our legs and often come under our shoes while we walk or run. Most of the time we do not even realize it and end up destroying the hemline. Obviously you can trim away that part and make a new hemline, but would it not be great to not have to go through that entire problem? The joggers are a boon in this case. The elastic band holds the hemlines of the trousers in positions, thus eliminating the damage of the fabric because of friction with the ground when we walk.

Joggers can be worn almost everywhere except for formal gatherings and they exemplify style and comfort. Ever since their conception, the joggers have spread like wildfire, changing the face of men’s fashion.   Changed your mind about joggers and want to buy one instantly? Here are some chic joggers you will not be able to resist!