Six Tips to Help you Forge an Eco-Friendly Shopping Habit

The responsibility to embrace sustainable fashion should be taken by both brands and consumers. After all, it is the consumer that invests in clothes that will complete their wardrobe and shape the environmental landscapes in generations to come. Every consumer can still love fashion while being aware of its effects on the environment. But, changing your shopping habits takes time.

Below are some tips to help you forge an environment-friendly shopping habit:

Review your Shopping Habits

Before buying any piece of clothing, ask yourself if you really need it. While trying an item on the changing room, determine the reason why you are purchasing it, the type of fabrics it’s made of, and how often will you wear it. This will help you determine if the item is worth spending your money on.

Picked a Second-Hand Item

If you want to shop for new clothes, consider visiting charity shops. When you buy second-hand items, you can be sure no new fibers have been made to make them and they will not end up in landfills. Also, this lets you save money. When shopping in charity shops, choose places where you admire the local fashion. Local markets and vintage shops are also worth a visit.

Use your Own Bag when Shopping

You can take sustainable fashion to the next level by shopping with your own tote bag. This is a great way to cut plastic bags out of your life. Consider bringing a mesh bag instead of the folding one.

Purchase Clothes Made of Sustainable Fibers

Stay away from clothes made of nylon and polyester, and materials treated with toxic materials like viscose. Rather, buy clothes made of fabrics like organic cotton and linen that make use of less water in production than the non-biodegradable materials.

Learn about the Delivery and Packaging Methods of the Brand

If possible, consider shopping in person; however, buying online is more convenient. When purchasing clothes from an eco-friendly brand, you can be sure they have environment-friendly delivery practices in place like recycled packaging and multi-drop services.

Get Rid of Wardrobe Items you Don’t Want or Need

In terms of creating a sustainable clothing collection in your wardrobe, you need to take every item and determine if it brings you joy or if you want to wear them again. If not, add it to the pile for recycling or charity. If there are damaged pieces you still want to wear again, take them to a tailor.