Read This Before Buying a Commercial Ice Machine

The majority of drinks in your restaurant only feel right when you serve them with ice. If you have been running a food-based business for a while, chances are that you already know some customers who want a kind of ice in their drinks.

Whether you are operating a cafeteria, restaurant, or bar, you will need to invest in one of the ice machines for sale out there. But, when looking for this kind of machine, you don’t do it like you are searching for any old machine which freezes water. You will be faced with many options and factors to think about before making a purchase.

Factors to Take into Account

The kind of ice to choose is an important decision to make since your patrons may have a particular ice preference. But, there are other factors to think about such as:

  • Capacity and size. Ice storage takes up space. Your kitchen can get busy and your people will need space move around. Thus, if you need to have a big quantity of ice, you may have to choose a modular ice maker and a sizable storage bin.

  •  Cost. Your business needs a commercial ice machine that suits its needs; however, you must choose one within your price range.
  • Production rate. The right ice maker is one that can quickly restock your supply after a lunch rush.
  • Power source. A number of ice machines require a level of voltage which goes more than what a typical outlet provides. Thus, ensure you have a power source for your machine that is up to the task.

Kinds of Commercial Ice Machines

These machines are not made the same. They differ in the quantity of ice they can produce. Depending on your need, you may choose any of the following:

  • Modular ice maker. This machine only makes the ice. You need to purchase a separate storage bin for keeping the ice when made. If your commercial kitchen needs to keep plenty of ice on hand and ready, this machine is best for you. This is because they can produce big amounts of ice quickly. They are easy to attach to a storage bin. But, they take up space and offer more capacity in the bargain.

  • Self-contained ice maker. This type of ice machine comes with both the icemaker and the container for storing it in a unit. This tends to produce more ice than regular consumer models. You can get this machine in both undercounter and countertop configurations. However, this machine cannot produce as much ice as other models and does not give as much storage space. If you own a smaller bar or cafe, this ice maker should suffice.