Newbie to Golf? Follow these Tips to Learn the Sport with Ease

Golf is known for its elite nature, mostly played by elderly men in sophisticated colors. While this may be true in many cases, golf has now become more accessible and popular in the recent times. Learning to play golf can be a bit daunting and especially when more experienced players are around you. Consider these tips as a guide when it comes to playing golf as a newbie to end up like a confident pro in no time.

  1. Take lessons

People are stubborn and decline to take lessons for ego issues and try to make it on their own. Trust us, please don’t do that. Learning all by yourself, no matter how good of a book you get, can sometimes end up in bad and irreversible habits. A good golf expert will get you well-acquainted with the basics, but in the long run, it is very beneficial for your game.

  1. Never neglect your putting

Many people are obsessed about practicing at the driving range where they end up hitting multitude of long range shots hitting the Best All Weather Heavy Duty Practice Net. This can be helpful in certain ways only when you are doing it with the right technique. Many newbie and pro golfers tend to neglect their putting. Putts are 50 percent responsible for your strokes in a single round and yet far less than 50 percent of these golf players are spending their time in practicing putting.

  1. Work on your grip

As your hands are the only parts of your body that touches the club, it is essential to get an accurate grip. Take all the necessary and step by step instruction from an expert when it comes to gripping. There are mainly three types of grip: interlocking, the Vardon, and the baseball. Consult with your mentor to which one is the ideal grip for you. A proper grip takes a lot of time, mostly a month to get used to, even without hitting the balls. When it comes to practice, try gripping a club when you watch the TV.

  1. Visit a driving range

Apart from a driving range giving you an opportunity to hit a few balls with no worries about finding them again, they are the best place to get instructions and advice. Firstly, an expert will give you a few quick pointers, but make the most of the range of various clubs that are usually available for you to try out for absolutely free of cost. At least, try to smash a few balls to let go of stress and you will emerge out feeling great and confident when you weren’t even good in the first place.