Need Something To Attach Something With, Try Custom Velcro Patches

Velcro, the go to product for temporarily attaching anything to anything, as long as the two Velcro strips can be attached to the surfaces needed to be attached.

How does it work?

The concept of Velcro is pretty simple, A “Velcro” consists of two separate strips, one with numerous little hooks and one with numerous little loops.

The two strips are stitched or glued to the surfaces that are to be joined, then one strip is pressed upon another strip, the hooks intervene with the loops and the job is completed.

Advantages of Velcro-

  • It could be attached quickly unlike glue which takes quite a while to solidify or unlike time taken to button up something.
  • Can be used in a variety of environmental conditions unlike glue and zipper which will solidify in extremely cold weather and under zero gravity ( a property that makes Velcro a must in space missions)
  • It can be detached quickly with a simple pull while it takes time to unbutton and close a long zip.

Disadvantages of Velcro

The only disadvantage to Velcro is that over a period of subsequent use the aforementioned tiny hooks and loops will break, making the grip a little bit loose but that happens over a long period of use.

What are the uses of Velcro that an an individual might be interested in?

Velcro has numerous “home” applications such as if you are fond of making your own cloths, bags, shoes, etc. Velcro can be a good choice.

Similarly, for simple house hold tasks such as attaching lights to a wall, carpeting the floor, sticking tools on walls and much more.

There are several sites that manufacture custom velcro patches, all made to the size, strength, length, and color that you demand, making Velcro even more versatile. So go ahead use Velcro, it is really worth considering.