How to avoid buying backpacks every year?

Parents are interested in finding out how to avoid buying backpacks every year. During the back to school season all the parents are busy buying backpacks and other school supplies. They have a long list of items to source and this is not only a time consuming process but it is also a very expensive process. Reports indicate that on an average families spend around $700 on the school supplies. This amount has to be shelled out amidst all the other expenses.

If you are keen on knowing how to avoid buying backpacks for your kids every year, here are some useful tips. First make sure that you buy the best quality backpacks so that it lasts more than one year. In order to save money many parents just go ahead to buy some mediocre or poor quality backpacks. The problem here is that just by saving few dollars this year you are not allowing yourself to get the best life out of your spending. Whatever you spend on the backpack offers you only limited value. This could be avoided by choosing your backpacks not merely based on cost but based on the quality that it offers.

Secondly teach your children how to take good care of the backpacks. If they take good care of the backpacks and if they handle the backpacks well then the life of the school bags is likely to increase and it is likely to last for more than a year. It will also continue to look new.

Thirdly you could invest in wholesale backpacks. The idea here is that by ordering from a wholesale store you will be sourcing in bulk quantities. When you have surplus backpacks you need not have to source them every year. Moreover, you would be bringing down the cost of the backpacks by 90%. There is no need to waste your time searching for a new supplier every year. All that you need to do is to get the best quality backpacks so that they could be stored without any problem for years to come.

You would be really surprised to learn how much money the retail school supplies stores make on every single backpack that the sell. You will be able to buy the school bags at just $3 per piece when you source in bulk from a wholesale backpack store. To meet the minimum order quantity requirement you need to order an entire case of backpack. This will get you 24 backpacks and after using the backpacks for your kids you will be left with 20+ backpacks. This will take care of your backpack needs for few years.  You can also use these backpacks as holiday gifts or gifts on special occasions. Many parents also try to resell a few backpacks at the market price and make some quick money.

By using the above approaches you could save yourself from buying backpacks every year. As you could see all these are very much within your control and you can choose to benefit from them.