Create Gender Specific Packaging for Every Product to Let Customers Feel Special

Any product is invented keeping a specific gender in mind. Majority of hygiene products are made for females, therefore most of them are either light shaded or mainly pink in color. Some of them also have curves that specifies it’s meant for females. The best example is sanitary pads that are always curved shaped and packed in bright or feminine colors. While men products are sharply shaped with dark colors like perfumes or shaving crèmes.

This is called gender analysis, where the object is packed keeping in mind a specific gender that the brand is targeting. A lot of research, strategy, analysis is done to decide how to attract a specific gender. Even if the product is neutral, the packaging has to be the center of attraction so that whosoever passes by should stop and take a glance. Therefore, not just any color, but gender specific colors are included in packaging.

For example, kids will get attracted to bright and multicolored objects, males will get attracted to plain and simple looking sharp objects, and finally, females will get their attention from products that are more picturesque. Similarly, when any product is packed for shipping, it should be kept in mind the kind of product and the gender targeted. Custom shipping boxes are best for promoting brands and also keeping products in assorted manner. This helps in gaining attention of every gender irrespective of the product.

There are three levels on which gender analysis is dependent –

  • Any product that is meant for a specific gender, it will symbolize the same, which is called the symbolic level. In one glance, customer will understand if it is for male or female.
  • Secondly, it is the identity level where a particular segment is identified by answering several questions. These questions may include kind of people, jobs they hold, and what social recognition does this product get from that group.
  • Third is the structural level where in a particular segment certain bunch of people are studied. Their characteristics, motivation and competencies will decide which individual will buy the product.

Hygiene is an important factor for every person. Whether it so for individual or for whole family, hygiene products are bought with utmost care and consideration. Therefore, none of the hygiene products can pack in bizarre manner. If it is for health safety, then the product packaging also has to look safe.

Therefore, the packaging boxes should be leak-proof, and designed to maintain privacy of products. If there are multiple products then customizing the box and putting in dividers to separate every product will save money and shipping cost.