Comparison Between Buying Gold Coins or Bars 

Gold is considered to be one of the popular metals for investment and also for sale. People all over the world buy gold for many different purposes which may either be for jewelry or for investment.

Gold is meant for substantial savings and obtaining very good returns on your money that you have invested in this metal. People generally prefer to buy gold either in the bar form or as gold coins.

Historically, gold with time has always appreciated, and hence making it a very rewarding metal to have.

Now let us see if you want to buy gold then what should be your choice, to buy as coin or as a bar?

Buying gold bars and their pros and cons

  • Pros:
  1. For any seasoned and large-scale investors, the better way of investing can be gold bars.
  2. Large gold bars are normally available at very low price than their smaller counterparts.
  3. Premium on gold bars will be always increasing and also their value
  • Cons:
  • There is a small catch while buying large bars. Large bars are not as saleable like smaller ones because choice of buyer will get restricted due to bigger size and also higher price that large gold bars demand.

  • Also, bars being quite large gold piece hence it is difficult to melt them to reshape. Therefore, it will also involve additional charges for handling too while selling gold bar.

Buying gold coins and their pros and cons

  • Pros:
  • Gold coins are usually better disposed as compared to any gold bar
  • The foremost feature of any gold coin is such that they will be available in various denominations right from 0.5 gram – 100 grams. So, one can always buy according to his purchasing power
  • Gold coins thus, can be purchased strictly in-line with the purchasing power of an individual at any point of time.
  • Another great benefit of gold coin is these coins can be very easily traded because of their very smaller size. There will be large customer base for coin and you need not wait too long to find a customer.
  • Gold coins are universally recognized and hence are much easier to sell.

  • Cons:
  • Gold coins usually lag behind any gold bar in terms of their price at which coins may come.

Looking at the above comparison, we can safely conclude that the gold bars are most suited for those customers who want to buy gold in bulk at lower purchase price to reap higher benefit.