Buyer’s Guide for Choosing A Good Countertop Dishwasher

Countertop dishwasher is just like its name suggests – a small dishwasher, which sits over a counter or flat surface. Most of its capabilities are similar to full-sized dishwasher but with less energy usage. However, it is portable and compact.

You just need to connect it with standard sink water faucet. The backside of the unit has a hose pipe, which runs into the sink directly for proper drainage. Visit to get a look at the range of countertop dishwashers.


People having small kitchen lack space for built-in unit, so they can find countertop dishwasher appealing. Portable dishwasher can be a life saver for tenants living in apartments without dishwasher.


Performance in cleaning is similar to full-size models. Compact portable dishwasher makes less use of detergent and water but does not mean its cleaning efficiency is less.

Uses less space

The countertop dishwasher does not need more space than microwave. Many models fit directly under cabinets, so is just right for small spaces. No models are designed specifically for permanent installation. Therefore, keep unit portable, as improper installation can void the warranty. When not in use the inconspicuous sized dishwasher can be stored in a kitchen cabinet.

Specific wash cycles

Wash cycles are generally similar to its full-sized rival. It includes options like normal, light, heavy, speed, glass, and soak. Some portable models provide rinse aid dispenser and automatic detergent aspect.

Glossary and key terms to be familiar with

Quick connect adapter

It helps to connect hose to sink faucet for water supply.

Cutlery basket

Basket is designed to hold spoon, knives, forks, and the other cutlery inside the dishwasher. While loading ensure that the spray arm is free to move smoothly for proper cleaning.

Dish basket

The dish basket is designed to hold 4 to 6 dishes.

Rinse aid dispenser

It helps to dry dishes without any issues of water spots. Rinse aid helps to eliminate cloudy appearance from the dishes.

Factors to consider while buying best countertop dishwasher

Dimension – measure the distance between countertop and cabinet bottom, so as to buy the exact size for better accommodation.

Capacity – Consider how much dishes and other cutlery you need to put in the dishwasher.

Interior composition – Stainless steel interiors are tougher and last longer than its plastic counterparts.

Pump – Water draining out that goes above unit level will need a pump, so finalize where to place the portable unit.

Water heater – Choose a dishwasher with more than 2-setting to vary heating needs.

Different wash cycle – Consider the important cycles you will need and buy accordingly.

Water & energy efficiency – Check and find one, which suits your needs.