All You Need To Know Before Buying Log Cabin Kits!

A lot of people have the dream of having a log cabin of their own. If you are considering that as an investment, you can choose to buy a log cabin kit, instead of hiring a company for construction. For the uninitiated, log home kit contains everything you need to build a cabin, right from the log walls and roofing, to windows, doors, and even flooring. Companies like offer log cabin kits as a complete solution, and in some cases, the company will work as the general contractor, so as to manage all aspects of the construction process. Here are some of the more important aspects worth knowing about log cabin kits.

How does it work?

Depending on the kit you buy, log cabin kits include all the structural logs that are typically need for construction. The dealer will handcraft these logs, which will be delivered at site and construction can be completed with help of any general contractor. In most cases, you will have to do the basic work at the site, get the foundation and subfloor ready before the actual log construction is done. The good news is you can sort these kits based on the size of home you want, so there are floor plans of 1500 square feet, 2500 square feet and so on. Many dealers will also actually customize these kits to match special needs.

Ask the basic questions

Before you buy a log cabin kit, you have to consider the wood species the dealer is using and if that is beetle-killed. It is also necessary to discuss about energy efficiency and ensure that the kits adhere to fire safety and other standards that are pertinent for your area. If the same dealer can be hired for additional needs, such as general contracting services, it is an added advantage, but at the least, the company should offer consultation and assistance to the buyer and their hired contractor for completion of the job. You also need to ask a few questions about shipping, because the cost is typically based on the size of the house, which further determines the need for transportation. However, we do recommend that you ask in advance for everything that’s a part of getting the kit to the site.

With log cabin kits, making a home away from the busy city traffic shouldn’t be a hard task. Just don’t compromise on the quality of the kit you buy.