A buying guide about how to purchase best diamond

Diamonds are considered as most precious stones which rules hearts of billions of people round the globe. People prefer to gift them to their loved ones on several occasions to show their gratitude and affection towards them. Before you purchase these gems for your loved ones it is very essential to know about how genuine they are in reality. To surpass such doubts it is advised to go through various guides and forums over the internet. With the help of these guides you will be able to find an colored diamond that would look great on your loved ones.

Tips to consider before making a purchase

-Shape and color

To most of the people these two aspects hold great importance when they are buying a diamond rings, earrings or necklace for their family members. It is expected to keep in mind that the cost of a diamond will fluctuate great with different shades of colors along with the shape in which it has been cut down. The shape ranges from oval, square, heart and pearl shaped etc. whereas you can buy these jewels in vivid color range viz. green, blue, purple, red, white, black etc. An oval shaped and white colored diamond can be purchased at a very nominal price range.

-Clarity grade

It is very essential to know about the exact value of the jewel you are purchasing, either online or at some brick and mortar store. Before you make a purchase you are expected to see if you are able to see through a white diamond or not. Most of the time these jewels will cost you a hefty amount but if you want to go for show and pomp then it is advised to purchase colored jewels which have low refractive index and look great when they are worn.


When you are making a purchase, look whether the jewel has proper GIA or AGS certification. This will help you to get genuine product.

-Carat weight

Carat weight of a diamond basically defines its beauty and price range. Before you make a purchase it is advised to know about the genuine price of these jewels along with their carat weight. This will help you get best product at a sure price.

-Some other important aspects

Before you purchase a diamond, it is advised to know about the symmetry, polishing and fluorescence of the jewel. These three aspects help to make great difference in its overall appearance. If you are buying yellow diamond then it is advised to go for strong fluorescence as it will give it excellent look.