4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Washer for your Home

Shopping for a washer is an experience in itself. If you are a newbie at buying appliances, then you need to do some due diligence on machines before checking them in person. You can also buy them online. If you have a washer already but you sense that its days are numbered, then you need to shop for an LG washer soon. And to do that wisely, you need to ask important questions. Let’s have a look.

  1. What are the most reliable brands?

Many shoppers are reliable on this question when it comes to any electrical appliance. Unluckily, it is not quite that easy to narrow down the choices. For people the term reliable means something different. It depends on various factors. It may depend on the type of electrical appliance, models, and brands.

  1. Are washer and dryer plans worth it? Who has the best warranty?

When browsing for washers, always compare the manufacturer warranties as well as the cost of the extended warranty plans to make sure that buying extra coverage is not adding more to the total cost of owning the appliance. If you are concerned, consult a professional. Most of the appliance stores have great relationships with the brands they are selling and would be happy to help you with the warranty claims to get the best services. As a matter of fact, experts always recommend buying the next washer from an independent appliance store rather than a bigshot chain to make the most of your money.

  1. How does washer-dryer all in one work?

Nowadays, these are the most famous appliance among home owners. This appliance has integrated both washing and drying into one rather than too. If you use a dryer on a daily basis, then you wouldn’t buy two separate devices in your home taking up a lot of spaces. While all in one are convenient for small homes but they don’t tend to work fast. They come costly as well. If you are a patient person, then by all means go for an all in one washer dryer machine even if using the dryer infrequently.

  1. What is the distinction between front load and top load?

Top loading machines are equipped with a washtub that moves clothes around in the wash to clean them. They don’t come in equipped with an agitator. This goes with many budget models as well. If you are choosing top load or front load, it always depends on your personal preference. Front loading needs excessive bending, goes easier on your knees, but you need to install them under a countertop. Also, weigh the pros and cons of both the machines and think where will you place it and the limitations of your space as well.