3 Important Benefits of Swings for Children’s Physical and Mental Development

Swings are perhaps the most popular playthings among children. But if you are concerned about the length of time your children spend on swings, you should be happy to know that swings offer some excellent health benefits to children.

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As such, outdoor play is very much beneficial in children’s development. So, if you install an outdoor play set in your yard and if it contains swings, your children will not only be happy but they’ll also grow in full ‘swing’.

Here are some benefits of swinging which will make you surprised.

1. Ample Physical Exercise

You’ll agree that children (and for that matter, anyone) need adequate exercise for proper growth and health. However, in today’s era of TV and video games, children have become couch potatoes and don’t get enough exercise.

However, swings can change this situation. Being very popular among children, swings can immediately attract them and offer them plenty of physical exercise.

Swings bring about flexibility, coordination and muscle development in children. They also offer core strengthening exercise that builds good exercise habits from a tender age.

Whether children play alone on swings or with their mates, they get significant amount of physical exercise with the pull and push motion.

This motion is needed to operate a swing individually and makes muscles, ligaments and tendons in good shape. Regular use of outdoor swings hones your child’s fine and gross motor skills.

And when children play on swings together they use their whole body to push their buddies and thus get great exercise. Such exclusive and excellent toys are available on Tiny Tiny Shop Shop and from other reputable local toy store near you.

2. Detachment from Gizmos

Today children are stuck to gizmos like computers, mobile phones and tablets to such an extent that it’s hard for parents to send them outdoors.

There is no doubt that today’s children are much smarter than grownups in understanding and using electronics better because of the time they spend with the gadgets and learn them faster.

However, it also brings a disadvantage that they don’t get the sunlight and fresh air.

If you too have this problem with your children, just install durable kids outdoor playsets at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or from your trusted toy store with swings in them and you’ll be amazed to see how your children play on them for hours.

According to experts, around 200 calories are burnt by swinging for an hour.

Another benefit particularly of such a play set is that children not only play on swings but are also likely to run around and play on other components of the play set for which they have to use their large muscle groups.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

3. Sensory Integration

Outdoor swings offer children an unmatched sensory experience. Do you know any other toy which can recreate the feeling of flying? No! But a swing can give your child this amazing feeling.

Plus, the twists and turns of spinning swings can offer children an even more amazing sensory experience.

We have a vestibular system that controls our balance and coordination during movements. Our inner ear consists of the parts required for stability and awareness of motion and speed.

Swinging is an excellent way to trigger our vestibular system and its motor activity enhances the regulation of senses.

Other sensory systems are also induced with swings.

Proprioception, which is sometimes known as our sixth sense and is hardly noticed by us because it’s automatic, should be developed in children in their early years so as to understand their spatial position. Swinging is among topmost activities to develop this sense.

Plus, of course, swings make your child social because not all children can operate swings individually and need help of others. While getting or giving such a help, your child becomes helpful and tolerant.

So, are you now planning to install swings in your yard?