10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Transformer

Transformers are primarily installed for controlling the high electricity voltage. Considering the environment, climate, requirements, budget etc. the size and types of transformer is chosen. At http://www.surplec.com/en/produits/substation-transformers/ explore various types of transformers.

To know more, go through the top 10 things to consider before buying a transformer

  • Talk to an expert: With the help of an expert from the company you select to have the transformer, you can possibly be able to select the most ideal transformer for your set up. Simply let them know about the purpose along with your budget. They’ll surely find you the best transformer.
  • Figure out the voltage: When the transformer designing is in the process, you must be aware of the input and the output voltage also known as the primary and the secondary voltages. It’s known from the power supply as well as the voltage of the device that is being used. 
  • Know the purpose of the transformer: Considering the usage and your expectations, the purpose of the transformer is determined. You can select the isolation, K-Factor, and the auto-transformer per your use. 
  • Know the frequency of the transformer: Normally, by the power supply the frequency of the power supply is determined. Sometimes, the incoming frequency largely varies from the required output frequency. This is usually done by the frequency converter depending on the output frequency of the transformer. 
  • Usefulness of KVA rating: The KVA rating is calculated from the primary and secondary voltage of the winding as well as the amperage data. After understanding the load size and the capacity, selecting the transformer based on that helps. 
  • Space requirements: It’s necessary to have the physical measurements of the transformer that is going to be placed in any particular location. Depending on the measurements the transformer must be designed. 

  • Wire configuration: Leave it to the experts when it comes to knowing the wire configuration. Different transformers have different configurations. 
  • Know the environment of the transformer: It’s necessary to know whether the transformer is going to stay outside or indoors. The outdoor ones are mostly liquid-filled to protect from external elements. 
  • What’s the phase: Before buying it make sure whether you need a single phase or a three-phased transformer. 
  1. Finally, it’s time to consider the power factor, impedance, cooling technique etc of the transformer before installing. 

So, consider these pointers before buying a transformer.