10 Good reasons to Learn to play the the Piano Today

Simplicity of use

The piano is really a fabulous instrument to experience. With one finger you are able to tap out a tune. With two hands you are able to play a symphony.


You may also have a couple sitting in the piano playing duets together – like “Heart and Soul’. It is also a really social instrument. Someone can stand around a piano and sing along with the piano keeping everybody in sync. It is always good for choirs.

Anybody Can Learn

Children love the piano simply because they can enjoy by using it making sounds and tunes with no training whatsoever. I have even seen the cat online who loves to take part in the piano.


In the professional finish Its ideal for dance classes, ballet, opera rehearsals, rock bands, solo performance, and musicals. Certainly it’s the most versatile guitar around.

Digital Versions which are Easily portable and cost-effective

Today’s technology has walked in and removed the 2 major objections that lots of have experienced – it’s overweight to consider anywhere – it’s too costly. There’s a host of digital pianos and keyboards which are light and powered by batteries, and incredibly affordable. You are able to bring them anywhere, play them anytime. I’ve one particular keyboard I take lower towards the beach to experience with buddies who participate in with guitars as well as their voices.

Extensive Repertoire

There’s very little song that has not been prepared for piano. The shelves of music stores are filled with piano versions of each and every bit of music that’s have you been written. That which you aren’t able to find inside a shop, you’ll find on the web. You will find written music internet sites that sell anything you like or desire. The plethora of music available is immense, from classical composers like Beethoven & Chopin, to jazz pieces by Dave Brubeck & Keith Jarrett, contemporary folk piano by George Winston, and modern celebrities like Elton John, Billy Joel, Tori Amos and Ben Folds.

Brain Benefits

Hearing music has positive health effects like calming and relaxing the mind, or invigorating and galvanizing your heart. Playing music with an instrument is better still since it promotes a variety of neural activity and forms pathways inside your brain that link left and right sides. Research has proven that youngsters fare better in most subjects once they also learn how to play a musical instrument.

It Is Good for the Soul

There’s anything rapturous and existence affirming than staying at one on your own and also at peace using the world. Music can perform that. Whenever you play a bit of music that resonates together with your feelings and ideas, it amplifies and reflects them back. A specific item is yourself inside the magnificence of the creation.

Training at home

There many piano training available on the internet, using E-Books, streaming videos and audio examples. The local music shop can also get lots of traditional lesson books available including CDs and DVDs.

New Ways of Teaching

There’s also many new methods to discover the piano rapidly utilizing a chord based approach, similar to understanding the guitar. Which means that you do not even need to learn to read music notation to begin getting fun using the piano.

Take part in the Piano

What are you awaiting? Go and study piano. It is simple, it’s fun, it’s social which is affordable. You are not to old or too youthful to begin.

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